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How Our Chiropractor In St. Charles, MO Can Help

A chiropractic adjustment can help reduce body aches and pain. It can also correct your body’s alignment and how it functions physically. If you are looking for holistic healthcare that treats you, not just your symptoms, Dr. Leitman in St. Charles, MO can offer alternative methods of treatment that don’t involve prescribing medicine. Additionally, chiropractic treatment may be a good option to avoid more invasive procedures like surgery or injections for treating short-term or chronic back pain. If you are looking for a long-term solution to body pain and aches, consider making an appointment with us. Please give us a call for more information on how we can help you.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

Improves Neck Pain

A chiropractor may help ease your neck pain by realigning your spine and easing tension in your neck muscles through an adjustment.

Reduces Medications

People with pain are often given prescriptions. Chiropractic treatment may lower your need to take these pain relievers.

Eases Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment is a good alternative to more invasive alternatives like surgery or injections for treating chronic pain.

Reduction Of Osteoarthritis

Degeneration causing bones to rub together. Chiropractic may help align your joints and reduce how much your bones rub together.

Eases Headache Symptoms

Spinal manipulation may be effective at treating tension headaches and headaches that originate in your neck.

Helps Improve Posture

Undergoing chiropractic treatment may potentially help correct poor posture, especially if your poor posture is caused by too much sitting.

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