Headache Specialist

A headache can disrupt your day — and sometimes many days. In fact, many people experience chronic headaches that affect them for the majority of every month. At Complete Performance Chiropractic in St. Charles, Missouri, Dr. Eric Leitman uses evidence-based therapies to manage chronic headaches of all kinds. To schedule an evaluation, call the closest office or book online today.

Headache Q & A

What are Headaches?

A headache is a broad term that applies to pain wrapping around your head or concentrated in one area, like your temples or behind your eyes. Headaches can be extremely debilitating and make you lose the ability to focus. If you get them frequently, they can have a major impact on your well-being.

Many different circumstances, illnesses, and injuries can cause or trigger headaches. Sometimes, however, headaches occur without a definite cause or trigger.

At Complete Performance Chiropractic, the team performs a comprehensive evaluation, goes over your medical history and symptoms, and explores all possible causes of your headaches or migraines.

Once they have a diagnosis, the team can start creating your personalized headache treatment or management strategy. They provide treatments that help you get rid of headaches as they happen as well as treatments to prevent future headaches.

Which type of Headache do I have?

There are multiple headache types that can affect you, all causing slightly different symptoms and happening under different circumstances. The team at Complete Performance Chiropractic can tell you if you have any of these common headache types:

Tension headaches

Tension headaches appear as pain or pressure on both sides of the head or all around, often with pain spreading into the neck. They can be episodic, meaning they happen every once in a while, or chronic, meaning you get them 15 or more days of the month for at least three consecutive months.

Cluster headaches

As the term indicates, cluster headaches happen in clusters, meaning you get one after another in a short time. They can appear up to eight times in a day and usually happen frequently over the course of 4-12 weeks.


Migraines usually affect just one side of your head at a time. Like tension headaches, they can be episodic or chronic. With a migraine, you also experience symptoms like sensitivity to light or sounds, lightheadedness, and nausea.

Cervicogenic headaches

Cervicogenic headaches come from injuries and complications in the cervical spine, which is the section of your spine inside your neck. They can involve additional symptoms like neck discomfort, awkward head positions, and coughing.

How are Headaches treated?

The Complete Performance Chiropractic team takes an individualized approach to help you manage your headaches with functional medicine. A typical treatment plan for headaches might include:

  • Dietary recommendations and changes
  • Medications or medication changes
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Stress management
  • Massage therapy
  • Spinal injections
  • Chiropractic adjustments

As you go through treatment, the team may ask that you come in for regular check-ins at Complete Performance Chiropractic. They check to see that your treatment plan is working and can make changes if your headaches return or persist.

To schedule an appointment and learn about your options for headache and migraine treatments, call Complete Performance Chiropractic or book a visit online today.