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See what just a few of our customers are saying!

See what a few of our customers are saying!​

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I am incredibly pleased with my experiences at Complete Performance Chiropractic. The staff is professional, friendly, and beyond exceptional! Appointment scheduling is stress-free, and the office responds promptly. Dr. Leitman is an intelligent, attentive, devoted Chiropractor. He takes the time to review your disease processes, explain what is causing your pain, and provide a realistic expectation of treatment options. Dr. Leitman is inclusive of your thoughts and concerns. He never rushes through the appointment, allowing time to address your questions. He considers all aspects of your health when treating you and explains how they can affect your neck/back ailments. The office cares about your overall well-being, it's not just about back adjustments. I am tremendously grateful for the care that I receive. I would highly recommend Dr. Leitman and his staff!!!
Samantha E.
Satisfied Patient
Dr. Leitman is knowledgeable, professional and always finding new and innovative ways to relieve pain. The new Summus laser treatment has been a game changer and along with chiropractic care years of knee and back pain are nearly gone and I am able to enjoy long walks, horseback riding and running after grandchildren. He also gives me ideas for exercises that I can do to help the healing process at home.
Connie S.
Satisfied Patient
The only Dr that I actually listen to. Will never allow anyone else to treat me or my daughter as long as his practice is open. Highly recommend

Katie R.
Satisfied Patient
Dr. Leitman has been very instrumental in helping me improve my posture and decrease my chronic back pain. He listens attentively and answers all my questions. He’s very knowledgeable and so far I’m completely satisfied with my results with him. I highly recommend him! Also the staff is super friendly too!
Kori A,
Satisfied Patient
I have been going to Complete Performance Chiropractic for routine appointments since 2020. I highly recommend Dr. Leitman to anyone seeking a chiropractor who is personable and genuinely cares about your healing and wellbeing.

Candance T.
Satisfied Patient

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